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Robin’s latest product, ELVIRA®, is a purpose-built Drone Detection Radar, designed specifically to meet the challenge of detecting, classifying and tracking drones in all weather and in urban environments. ELVIRA® is capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously, regardless of if they are actively controlled or being flown autonomously and is able to distinguish between drones and other moving objects like birds.

ELVIRA® is at TRL-9 having already been sold to multiple international customers and has been operational for VIP protection, for example at the G7 Summit in Bavaria. ROBIN Radar Systems was spun out of the well-respected Dutch Research Institute for Applied Science (TNO) in mid 2010 and acquired all TNO bird radar intellectual property, hardware and software.

Leveraging its 30-year pedigree in bird radars from TNO, Robin Radar Systems develops and installs bird detection systems offering the best possible combination of range, resolution and clutter filtering, and since recently, leveraging our natural strengths in small airborne target acquisition, detecting, classifying and tracking drones.

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